Free SEO package written in php

PhpMySEOis a free php seo package combining speed and simplicity to ensure you are well covered.It covers almost all aspects of seo including calculation of keyword density and google pagerank.Get started.Download the latest version of PhpMySEO. Download vs 1.3

SEO is a funny game.Make one simple mistake and you are done.One minute you are on top of the search results page, the next you do not even appear on the search results page.The rules are always changing.But one thing we are sure of is that content is king, links are the princes.Ensuring the right keyword density is also important.

Why should you use this package?

  • It is free.That means that no risks are involved.You can try it and if you don't like ,just get rid of it.
  • Fast and supports almost all servers.No more worrying about server resources.
  • Manages your keywords.It can calculate your keyword density for any keyword or give it content and it will suggest a keyword for you.
  • It acts as a traffic manager.Estimates your traffic and pageviews.

Not convinced?Check our full list of features?

Get Started!!

It is as simple as:

  1. Downloading the package
  2. Upload it to your webserver
  3. Unzip it...
  4. Visit the directory you installed it e.g
You are now ready to start using this seo package.Start by reading the documentation to learn how to use the package.If you still experience problems,send us an email at admin[at]